Participating Schools

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    47 The American Sign Language and English Secondary School (M047)


    A. Philip Randolph Campus High School (M540)
    Academy for Careers in Television and Film (Q301)
    Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration: A College Board School (K382)
    Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship: A College Board School (X270)
    Academy for Software Engineering (M546)
    Academy of American Studies (Q575)
    Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (K408)
    Academy of the City Charter School (Q359)
    Andries Hudde (K240)
    Antonia Pantoja Preparatory Academy: A College Board School (X376)
    Art and Design High School (M630)
    Astor Collegiate Academy (X299)
    Aviation Career & Technical Education High School (Q610)


    Bard High School Early College (M696)
    Battery Park City School (M276)
    Bayside High School (Q495)
    Bellaire School, The (Q135)
    Belmont Preparatory High School (X434)
    Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance & Information Technology (Q313)
    Boys and Girls High School (K455)
    Bronx Academy of Health Careers (X290)
    Bronx Aerospace High School (X545)
    Bronx Bridges High School (X432)
    Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics (X260)
    Bronx Collaborative High School (X351)
    Bronx Community High School (X377)
    Bronx Compass High School (X561)
    Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy (X213)
    Bronx Guild (X452)
    Bronx Health Sciences High School (X249)
    Bronx High School for Law and Community Service (X439)
    Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts (X253)
    Bronx High School of Science (X445)
    Bronx Lab School (X265)
    Bronx Leadership Academy II High School (X527)
    Bronx Preparatory Charter School (X703)
    Bronx River High School (X349)
    Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice (X505)
    Bronx School of Law and Finance (X284)
    Bronx Theatre High School (X546)
    Bronxdale High School (X508)
    Bronxwood Preparatory Academy, The (X514)
    Brooklyn International High School (K439)
    Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative Studies (K448)
    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School (K690)
    Brooklyn Technical High School (K430)
    Business Of Sports School (M393)


    Cambria Heights Academy (Q326)
    Central Park East II (M964)
    Collegiate Institute for Math and Science (X288)
    Community Health Academy of the Heights (M346)
    Community School for Social Justice (X427)
    Comprehensive Model School Project M.S. 327 (X327)
    Creston Academy (X447)
    Curtis High School (R450)


    DeWitt Clinton High School (X440)
    Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School (K429)


    East Side Community School (M450)
    Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School (M505)
    Edward R. Murrow High School (K525)
    Eleanor Roosevelt High School (M416)
    Elementary School for Math, Science, and Technology (X382)
    English Language Learners and International Support Preparatory Academy (ELLIS) (X397)
    Essex Street Academy (M294)
    Eximius College Preparatory Academy: A College Board School (X250)
    Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders (K572)


    Fairmont Neighborhood School (X314)
    FDNY High School for Fire and Life Safety (K502)
    Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute for Law and Public Policy, The (X519)
    Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts (M485)
    Flushing High School (Q460)
    Fordham High School for the Arts (X437)
    Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology (X438)
    Forest Hills High School (Q440)
    Forsyth Satellite Academy (M458)
    Fort Hill Collaborative Elementary School (R010)
    Francis Lewis High School (Q430)
    Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School (Q501)
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School (K505)
    Frederick Douglass Academy V. Middle School (X273)


    Gramercy Arts High School (M374)
    Grover Cleveland High School (Q485)


    H.E.R.O. High (Health, Education, and Research Occupations High School) (X259)
    Harry S Truman High School (X455)
    Health Opportunities High School (X670)
    Hellenic Classical Charter School (K362)
    Herbert H. Lehman High School (X405)
    High School for Civil Rights (K504)
    High School for Contemporary Arts (X544)
    High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies (M545)
    High School For Environmental Studies (M400)
    High School for Health Professions and Human Services (M420)
    High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media (K617)
    High School For Language And Diplomacy, The (M399)
    High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety (Q690)
    High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice (M492)
    High School for Medical Professions (K633)
    High School for Service & Learning at Erasmus (K539)
    High School for Youth and Community Development at Erasmus (K537)
    High School M560 - City As School (M560)
    High School of Arts and Technology (M494)
    High School of Computers and Technology (X275)
    High School of Fashion Industries, The (M600)
    High School of Language and Innovation (X509)
    High School of Sports Management (K348)
    High School of World Cultures (X550)
    Hillcrest High School (Q505)
    Hudson High School of Learning Technologies (M437)
    Humanities & Arts Magnet High School (Q498)
    Humanities Preparatory Academy (M605)
    Hunters Point Community Middle School (Q291)
    Hyde Leadership Charter School (X345)


    I.S. 007 Elias Bernstein (R007)
    I.S. 024 Myra S. Barnes (R024)
    I.S. 027 Anning S. Prall (R027)
    I.S. 034 Tottenville (R034)
    I.S. 061 William A Morris (R061)
    I.S. 072 Rocco Laurie (R072)
    I.S. 075 Frank D. Paulo (R075)
    I.S. 077 (Q077)
    I.S. 096 Seth Low (K096)
    I.S. 136 Charles O. Dewey (K136)
    I.S. 181 Pablo Casals (X181)
    I.S. 192 The Linden (Q192)
    I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong (Q227)
    I.S. 230 (Q230)
    I.S. 238 - Susan B. Anthony Academy (Q238)
    I.S. 289 (M289)
    I.S. 303 Herbert S. Eisenberg (K303)
    I.S. 313 School of Leadership Development (X313)
    I.S. 339 (X339)
    I.S. 49 Berta A. Dreyfus (R049)
    I.S. 5 - The Walter Crowley Intermediate School (Q005)
    I.S. 73 - The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School (Q073)
    I.S. 98 Bay Academy (K098)
    I.S. R002 George L. Egbert (R002)
    Icahn Charter School 3 (X422)
    Icahn Charter School 4 (X496)
    Icahn Charter School 5 (X538)
    In-Tech Academy (M.S. / High School 368) (X368)
    Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights (Q243)
    International High School at Lafayette (K337)
    International High School at Union Square (M438)
    Irwin Altman Middle School 172 (Q172)
    IS 125 Thom J. McCann Woodside (Q125)


    J.H.S. 054 Booker T. Washington (M054)
    J.H.S. 067 Louis Pasteur (Q067)
    J.H.S. 088 Peter Rouget (K088)
    J.H.S. 098 Herman Ridder (X098)
    J.H.S. 104 Simon Baruch (M104)
    J.H.S. 118 William W. Niles (X118)
    J.H.S. 127 The Castle Hill (X127)
    J.H.S. 145 Arturo Toscanini (X145)
    J.H.S. 185 Edward Bleeker (Q185)
    J.H.S. 194 William Carr (Q194)
    J.H.S. 216 George J. Ryan (Q216)
    J.H.S. 220 John J. Pershing (K220)
    J.H.S. 227 Edward B. Shallow (K227)
    J.H.S. 234 Arthur W. Cunningham (K234)
    J.H.S. 259 William Mckinley (K259)
    J.H.S. 278 Marine Park (K278)
    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School (M529)
    James Baldwin School, The: A School for Expeditionary Learning (M313)
    Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School (Q109)
    JHS 210 Q (Q210)
    John Adams High School (Q480)
    John Bowne High School (Q425)
    John Dewey High School (K540)
    John F. Kennedy Jr. School (Q721)


    Kingsborough Early College School (K468)
    Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy International High School (Kappa) (X374)


    Landmark High School (M419)
    Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences (K535)
    Lexington Academy, The (M072)
    Life Academy High School for Film and Music (K559)
    Linden Tree Elementary School (X567)
    Lower East Side Preparatory High School (M515)
    Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (M308)
    Lower Manhattan Community Middle School (M896)
    Lucero Elementary School (X311)
    Luisa Pineiro Fuentes School of Science and Discovery (X307)


    M.S. 137 America's School of Heroes (Q137)
    M.S. 158 Marie Curie (Q158)
    M.S. 180 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (X180)
    M.S. 51 William Alexander (K051)
    M.S. K394 (K394)
    Magnet School of Math, Science and Design Technology (K010)
    Manhattan / Hunter Science High School (M541)
    Manhattan Business Academy (M392)
    Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School (M575)
    Marble Hill High School for International Studies (X477)
    Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions, The (X237)
    Mark Twain I.S. 239 for the Gifted & Talented (K239)
    Marta Valle High School (M509)
    Martin Van Buren High School (Q435)
    Maspeth High School (Q585)
    Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High School (Q492)
    Medgar Evers College Preparatory School (K590)
    Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (Q167)
    Metropolitan Soundview High School, The (X521)
    Midwood High School (K405)
    Millennium Art Academy (X312)
    Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design (X692)
    Mosaic Preparatory Academy (M375)
    Mott Hall Bronx High School (X252)
    Mott Haven Community High School (X557)
    Mount Eden Children's Academy (X555)


    Neighborhood School (M363)
    Nelson Mandela High School (K765)
    New American Academy Charter School (K736)
    New Design High School (M543)
    New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School (M539)
    New Explorers High School (X547)
    New Millennium Business Academy Middle School (X328)
    New Utrecht High School (K445)
    New School for Leadership and Journalism, The (X244)
    New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science (X539)
    New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities (X553)
    New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities II (X208)
    New World High School (X513)
    New York City Montessori Charter School (X554)
    Newcomers High School (Q555)


    P. S. 62 - Chester Park School (Q062)
    P.S. 001 Courtlandt School (X001)
    P.S. 001 The Bergen (K001)
    P.S. 003 Charrette School (M003)
    P.S. 003 Raul Julia Micro Society (X003)
    P.S. 003 The Bedford Village (K003)
    P.S. 003 The Margaret Gioiosa School (R003)
    P.S. 005 Dr. Ronald McNair (K005)
    P.S. 005 Ellen Lurie (M005)
    P.S. 005 Port Morris (X005)
    P.S. 006 (K006)
    P.S. 006 West Farms (X006)
    P.S. 007 Abraham Lincoln (K007)
    P.S. 008 Isaac Varian (X008)
    P.S. 008 Luis Belliard (M008)
    P.S. 008 Robert Fulton (K008)
    P.S. 009 Ryer Avenue Elementary School (X009)
    P.S. 009 Teunis G. Bergen (K009)
    P.S. 011 Highbridge (X011)
    P.S. 013 Clement C. Moore (Q013)
    P.S. 014 Fairview (Q014)
    P.S. 015 Patrick F. Daly (K015)
    P.S. 016 John J. Driscoll (R016)
    P.S. 018 John G. Whittier (R018)
    P.S. 019 Asher Levy (M019)
    P.S. 019 Marino Jeantet (Q019)
    P.S. 021 Crispus Attucks (K021)
    P.S. 021 Philip H. Sheridan (X021)
    P.S. 022 Graniteville (R022)
    P.S. 023 The New Children's School (X023)
    P.S. 024 (K024)
    P.S. 024 Spuyten Duyvil (X024)
    P.S. 026 Rufus King (Q026)
    P.S. 026 The Carteret School (R026)
    P.S. 028 The Thomas Emanuel Early Childhood Center (Q028)
    P.S. 028 Wright Brothers (M028)
    P.S. 029 John M. Harrigan (K029)
    P.S. 030 Hernandez/Hughes (M030)
    P.S. 031 William T. Davis (R031)
    P.S. 032 Belmont (X032)
    P.S. 032 Samuel Mills Sprole (K032)
    P.S. 032 State Street (Q032)
    P.S. 033 Timothy Dwight (X033)
    P.S. 036 Margaret Douglas (M036)
    P.S. 036 Unionport (X036)
    P.S. 039 Francis J. Murphy Jr. (R039)
    P.S. 042 Eltingville (R042)
    P.S. 044 Thomas C. Brown (R044)
    P.S. 046 Alley Pond (Q046)
    P.S. 046 Arthur Tappan (M046)
    P.S. 046 Edgar Allan Poe (X046)
    P.S. 047 John Randolph (X047)
    P.S. 048 Mapleton (K048)
    P.S. 048 P.O. Michael J. Buczek (M048)
    P.S. 048 William G. Wilcox (R048)
    P.S. 052 Sheepshead Bay (K052)
    P.S. 053 The Barbara Esselborn School (R053)
    P.S. 054 Samuel C. Barnes (K054)
    P.S. 056 Lewis H. Latimer (K056)
    P.S. 059 Beekman Hill International (M059)
    P.S. 059 The Community School of Technology (X059)
    P.S. 062 Chester Park School (Q062)
    P.S. 064 Joseph P. Addabbo (Q064)
    P.S. 075 Emily Dickinson (M075)
    P.S. 076 The Bennington School (X076)
    P.S. 083 Donald Hertz (X083)
    P.S. 083 Luis Munoz Rivera (M083)
    P.S. 084 Jose De Diego (K084)
    P.S. 085 Great Expectations (X085)
    P.S. 086 Kingsbridge Heights (X086)
    P.S. 086 The Irvington (K086)
    P.S. 089 Cypress Hills (K089)
    P.S. 092 Bronx (X092)
    P.S. 093 Albert G. Oliver (X093)
    P.S. 094 Kings College School (X094)
    P.S. 098 Shorac Kappock (M098)
    P.S. 100 Glen Morris (Q100)
    P.S. 100 Isaac Clason (X100)
    P.S. 100 The Coney Island School (K100)
    P.S. 102 Jacques Cartier (M102)
    P.S. 103 Hector Fontanez (X103)
    P.S. 105 The Bay School (Q105)
    P.S. 106 Edward Everett Hale (K106)
    P.S. 107 John W. Kimball (K107)
    P.S. 108 Assemblyman Angelo Del Toro Educational Complex (M108)
    P.S. 109 (K109)
    P.S. 112 Jose Celso Barbosa (M112)
    P.S. 119 (X119)
    P.S. 121 Throop (X121)
    P.S. 122 Mamie Fay (Q122)
    P.S. 126 Dr Marjorie H Dunbar (X126)
    P.S. 127 Aerospace Science Magnet School (Q127)
    P.S. 128 Bensonhurst (K128)
    P.S. 129 John H. Finley (M129)
    P.S. 130 Abram Stevens Hewitt (X130)
    P.S. 130 Hernando De Soto (M130)
    P.S. 131 Brooklyn (K131)
    P.S. 132 Garret A. Morgan (X132)
    P.S. 134 Hollis (Q134)
    P.S. 138 (M138)
    P.S. 140 Nathan Straus (M140)
    P.S. 145 Andrew Jackson (K145)
    P.S. 146 (K146)
    P.S. 147 Isaac Remsen (K147)
    P.S. 149 Sojourner Truth (M149)
    P.S. 150 Charles James Fox (X150)
    P.S. 153 Helen Keller (X153)
    P.S. 153 Homecrest (K153)
    P.S. 153 Maspeth Elem (Q153)
    P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman (M154)
    P.S. 155 William Paca (M155)
    P.S. 158 Warwick (K158)
    P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos (M161)
    P.S. 163 Flushing Heights (Q163)
    P.S. 164 Caesar Rodney (K164)
    P.S. 173 (M173)
    P.S. 175 The Lynn Gross Discovery School (Q175)
    P.S. 178 Dr. Selman Waksman (X178)
    P.S. 179 Kensington (K179)
    P.S. 180 Hugo Newman (M180)
    P.S. 182 Samantha Smith (Q182)
    P.S. 184 Newport (K184)
    P.S. 185 Walter Kassenbrock (K185)
    P.S. 186 Dr. Irving A Gladstone (K186)
    P.S. 189 (M189)
    P.S. 195 (X195)
    P.S. 196 (X196)
    P.S. 196 Grand Central Parkway (Q196)
    P.S. 197 The Kings Highway Academy (K197)
    P.S. 199 Frederick Wachtel (K199)
    P.S. 199 Jessie Isador Straus (M199)
    P.S. 199X The Shakespeare School (X199)
    P.S. 200 The James Mccune Smith School (M200)
    P.S. 203 Oakland Gardens (Q203)
    P.S. 204 Morris Heights (X204)
    P.S. 205 Clarion (K205)
    P.S. 206 Jose Celso Barbosa (M206)
    P.S. 206 Joseph F Lamb (K206)
    P.S. 207 (X207)
    P.S. 214 Michael Friedsam (K214)
    P.S. 216 Arturo Toscanini (K216)
    P.S. 219 Kennedy-King (K219)
    P.S. 222 Katherine R. Snyder (K222)
    P.S. 226 Alfred De B.Mason (K226)
    P.S. 233 Langston Hughes (K233)
    P.S. 236 Langston Hughes (X236)
    P.S. 239 (Q239)
    P.S. 241 Emma L. Johnston (K241)
    P.S. 245 (K245)
    P.S. 247 Brooklyn (K247)
    P.S. 273 (Q273)
    P.S. 274 Kosciusko (K274)
    P.S. 276 Louis Marshall (K276)
    P.S. 277 (X277)
    P.S. 312 Bergen Beach (K312)
    P.S. 316 Elijah Stroud (K316)
    P.S. 321 William Penn (K321)
    P.S. 345 Patrolman Robert Bolden (K345)
    P.S. 360 (X360)
    P.S. 372 -The Children's School (K372)
    P.S. 373 - Brooklyn Transition Center (K373)
    P.S. 396 (X396)
    P.S. 452 (M452)
    P.S. 89 (M089)
    P.S. 90 Edna Cohen School (K090)
    P.S. K066 (K066)
    P.S. K225 - The Eileen E. Zaglin (K225)
    P.S. K315 (K315)
    P.S. K721 - Brooklyn Occupational Training Center (K721)
    P.S. M226 (M226)
    P.S. Q004 (Q004)
    P.S. Q016 The Nancy DeBenedittis School (Q016)
    P.S. Q222 - Fire Fighter Christopher A. Santora School (Q222)
    P.S. X014 Senator John Calandra (X014)
    P.S. X088 - S. Silverstein Little Sparrow School (X088)
    P.S. X114 - Luis Llorens Torres Schools (X114)
    P.S. X721 - Stephen McSweeney School (X721)
    P.S. X811 (X811)
    P.S./I.S. 045 Horace E. Greene (K045)
    P.S./I.S. 187 Hudson Cliffs (M187)
    P.S./I.S. 217 Roosevelt Island (M217)
    P.S./I.S. 295 (Q295)
    P.S./I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington (K030)
    P.S./M.S 042 R. Vernam (Q042)
    P.S./M.S. 20 P.O.George J. Werdann, III (X020)
    P.S./M.S. 280 Mosholu Parkway (X280)
    P186X Walter J. Damrosch School (X186)
    Pan American International High School at Monroe (X388)
    Park East High School (M495)
    Passages (X695)
    Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-Tech) (K122)
    Pelham Lab High School (X320)
    Pelham Preparatory Academy (X542)
    Performing Arts and Technology High School (K507)
    Port Richmond High School (R445)
    PS 149Q Christa McCauliffe (Q149)
    PS 8K Annex at George Westinghouse Campus (K487)


    Queens High School for Language Studies (Q241)
    Queens Metropolitan High School (Q686)
    Queens Vocational and Technical High School (Q600)
    Quest to Learn (M422)


    Ralph A. Fabrizio School (K170)
    Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology (X293)
    Research and Service High School (K669)
    Riverdale / Kingsbridge Academy (Middle School / High School 141) (X141)
    Riverview School, The (Q277)
    Robert F. Kennedy Community High School (Q670)


    Samara Community School (X458)
    Scholars' Academy (Q323)
    School for Environmental Citizenship (X386)
    Schuylerville Preparatory High School (X348)
    School For Future Leaders, The (K310)
    Science And Medicine Middle School, The (K366)
    Science, Technology and Research Early College High School at Erasmus (K543)
    Space Shuttle Columbia School (R058)
    Special Music School (M859)
    STAR Academy - P.S.63, The (M063)
    Staten Island School of Civic Leadership (R861)
    Staten Island Technical High School (R605)
    Stephanie A. Vierno School, The (R041)
    Stephen T. Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School (M139)
    Stuyvesant High School (M475)
    Sunset Park High School (K667)
    Susan E. Wagner High School (R460)


    Teachers College Community School (M517)
    Technology, Arts, and Sciences Studio (M301)
    The Angelo Patri Middle School (X391)
    The Bilingual/Bicultural School (M182)
    The Boerum Hill School for International Studies (K497)
    Tottenville High School (R455)
    Townsend Harris High School (Q525)


    Union Square Academy for Health Sciences (M533)
    Urban Action Academy (K642)
    Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law, The (M305)
    Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology (M507)
    Urban Assembly New York Harbor School (M551)
    Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science, The (X241)
    Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports (X548)
    Urban Assembly School for Media Studies, The (M307)
    Urban Science Academy (X325)


    Validus Preparatory Academy: An Expeditionary Learning School (X263)
    Veritas Academy (Q240)


    Walton Avenue School, The (X294)
    West Bronx Academy for the Future (X243)
    Westchester Square Academy (X558)
    William Cullen Bryant High School (Q445)
    Woodside Community School, The (Q361)
    World Academy for Total Community Health High School (K510)
    World View High School (X353)